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Dirty Dining: Hot and Juicy Crawfish


Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – Although improperly stored food, issues with kitchen tools, and filthy conditions aren't things you'd normally find on a restaurant menu, they were uncovered at Hot and Juicy Crawfish on Spring Mountain just east of Decatur.

The Southern Nevada Health District recently paid a visit to the restaurant and slapped it with 49 demerits, prompting its closure.

Inspectors found cooked crawfish being stored at the wrong temperature, live crawfish in a sink next to dirty dishes, dirty floors – including dead crawfish on the floor of a walk-in freezer - and dried food debris caked to shelves and "clean" kitchen knives.

Inspectors also say three employees were working without valid health cards, a requirement for anyone working with or around food, and a kitchen worker was cited for not properly washing his hands after handling the trash.

Open once again with an "A" grade after re-inspection, Channel 13 Action News stopped by Hot and Juicy Crawfish to speak with the manager about the restaurant's high number of demerits.

Tricia Kean: Hi, we're with Channel 13. We're here to see Mario.

Employee: Ok. Would you mind waiting outside and I'll go see if he's available?

But after a short wait, we were told the manager and owner were unavailable. The employee, however, still had something to say.

Employee: Where do you guys get your information from?

Tricia Kean: From the health district. And here's their report.

Employee: The health district just makes it readily available to you?

Tricia Kean: Well, it's public record.

It appears as if the employee did not agree with the violations cited by the health district.

Employee: We're not the dirtiest restaurant in Las Vegas. It was a lot of little technicalities.  

Although the owner of Hot and Juicy Crawfish did call Channel 13 Action News, he did not have any comment on the report.

Hot and Juicy Crawfish first opened in January of 2007 and has been in good standing despite one previous "C" grade in November of 2009.

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