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Read Doris Vescio's letter to the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors


This letter is the one we refer to in our story that Mrs. Vescio says she signed under duress.  It was written for her by another resident who's been working on her behalf.  Mrs. Vescio's attorney says she was required to submit the letter before even being able to run it by him.  We understand that Mrs. Vescio was told the executive board wouldn't even consider her appeal until the letter was hand-delivered by her to them.  Her attorney, Bob Sullivan, has made the following statement: "We already know that when she appealed to the board two times before she was denied outright so apparently the pressure at least is changing the outcome in this case.  Why they would extract a letter from her essentially begging for the variance or for relief from them is of concern to me."

January 25, 2011

Sun City Anthem Board of Directors
Attn:  Jack Troia
Henderson, NV

RE:  Doris Vescio - 2353 Canyonville Drive Fence Issue

I would like to thank Sun City Anthem BOD of Directors President Jack Troia; Board Member, John Waterhouse; and Architectural Review Committee (ARC) members John Czak and Roger Hagen for taking time to reexamine my rear-yard fence issue.

The ARC members explained in detail the information leading up to the BOD decision denying my appeal.  The problem occurred as a result of Cedco, my contractor, failing to provide working drawings to accurately depict my intention to add fencing on top of the existing block wall.  Initially, ARC approved the drawings provided and later realized upon site inspection after construction that the improvement resulted in an over-height wall/fence condition.  Not being knowledgeable in home repair and construction, I was not aware the improvement would be in violation of Sun City Anthem CC&Rs.

I am an 85-year old widow living on a fixed income and will suffer great financial hardship if required to pay for the removal of the $3,000 fence improvement and the levied penalties.  Without the fence, I will live in fear of another vicious coyote attack jeopardizing my safety and the safety of my service animal that alerts me to sounds I cannot hear.

I apologize that this issue involved many others and has been such a major burden to resolve; I ask that the SCA BOD reconsider their denial and allow the fencing to remain as built and waive all penalties.

This letter may be transmitted as SCA BOD deems appropriate and shall not be considered as part of the confidentially law.


Doris Vescio
Henderson, NV 

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